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First, a brief description of what Bridal Consultants do.

A bridal consultant, otherwise known as a wedding coordinator or a wedding planner, assists brides and grooms in all aspects of planning their weddings.  We provide experienced advice and direct assistance for hundreds of wedding issues… from acquiring attire to match your wishes, to creative invitations, fantastic decorations, great music, unique foods, and many other aspects and presentations of the wedding.
And most importantly... We become your personal confidant... during what is probably one of the most important times of your life!

But... why should YOU choose a bridal consultant?

In a single word…    Stress!

Almost every bride today has had a vision of their wedding day since they were a small child.  She imagines the beauty and the glamour of being “That Special One” for that very special day in her life.

Unfortunately, to achieve your perfect wedding day, it will take between 100 and 200 hours of planning.  Very detailed and complex planning with much creativity and a sense of style!
And once this is realized, this is when the panic sets in!

Today, the bride and groom must ask:

* Do we have 100 to 200 hours to plan this wedding in perfect detail?

* How can we assure "That Day" will match our dream vision?

* What are all the appropriate etiquettes and relationships?

* How will we be sure to stay within our budget?

We, as professional Bridal Consultants, will work side by side with you to help your dream wedding come true.