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The Ceremony

When you think about your wedding day you probably envision how many tiers the wedding cake will be, or how wonderful the centerpieces will look or how you and your new spouse will cut a rug during your first dance. But the ceremony is the most important aspect of the day – it is the wedding.  The ceremony will be the union of two souls where your vows will be exchanged.  So you want to put just as much thought into the ceremony as you would the reception.  The ceremony is a great opportunity to make your wedding personal.  Here are a few ideas. 

·         Get to know your officiant so he/she can tailor the ceremony to your personalities.  Meet with him/her several times before the wedding to foster a relationship. 

·         Include one or two readings during the ceremony that are special to you and your spouse.  Find a poem or short story that is appropriate for the day. 

·         Write your own vows.  Some brides and grooms will shy away from this suggestion because they are shy or embarrassed to share something so personal in front of guests.  Make it simple and straightforward – it doesn’t have to be a piece worthy of publishing.  Your vows just need to express your love and commitment to each other. 

·         Make ceremony programs for your guests.  The programs help guests follow along with the ceremony.  You can include your wedding party member’s names and their relationship to each of you.  Your guests will enjoy knowing who is part of the wedding party and your wedding party members will appreciate being recognized.  You can also include a special message to your guests, thanking them for being a part of your special day.