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Some Very Nice Testimonials

I cannot thank you enough for all of your assistance in the preparation of my July 17, 2004 wedding.  All of your ideas and creativity helped us create an intimate and personal atmosphere for our event.  Your organization and time management skills were impeccable.  You played an important role in every aspect of my wedding from the church programs down to the very last dance of the evening.

With many thanks to you, it was a day we’ll always remember fondly."


Wedding Location: Long Island, New York

"Once we knew where we were getting married you helped get the ball rolling.  I won't forget the binder you gave me that I never left home without.  The binder was a great starting point to organize ideas and the timeline and checklists you included were very helpful.  I had some ideas for the wedding but I would never have had all the little touches if it wasn't for you.  The handmade shell place card holders were so beautiful and the handmade programs were so unique they fit the wedding theme perfectly.  I could go on and on with the little details/touches that you helped think of and made a reality!"
Thank you!!!  Thank You!!!


Wedding Location: St. Pete, Florida

"Stefani... You really out did yourself and helped Katina so much as a bridal consultant.  The shower invitations were absolutely beautiful and the shower was a big success. 
We all had fun and were able to relax at the Bridesmaid Luncheon too.  It was just what we needed at a hectic time.
I know that your caring nature combined with your artistic and organizational skills will bode well for success.
A million Thank Yous!"
Carol (Mother of the Bride)

Wedding Location: Long Island, New York